QMDJ’s common sense and instructions for divination

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QMDJ’s common sense and instructions for divination

Qi Men Dun Jia (traditional Chinese : 奇門遁甲) is an ancient form of divination from China , which is still in use in China , Taiwan , Singapore and the Chinese diaspora in Southeast Asia . Qi Men Dun Jia may be applied to business, crime-solving, marriages and matchmaking, medical divination, Feng Shui, military affairs, finding missing people, travel, personal fortune divination etc. Along with Da Liu Ren and Tai Yi Shen Shu it is one of the collective Three method of prediction or Three Styles, China’s highest metaphysical arts.

I saw that querent online did not provide basic information, so QMDJ’s diviner cannot predict the correct results. That is to say, when the information provided by the person who asked the question is incomplete, even if the predicted level of the QMDJ’s diviner is very high, the accuracy of his prediction will decrease.
To draw an analogy, it is like a patient going to a hospital for treatment, but the patient does not provide his medical records to the doctor. At this time, the doctor can also treat the patient through physical examination and diagnosis, but the doctor will spend a lot of time to find the source of the disease. This is even more disadvantageous for patients who want to recover as soon as possible.
Therefore, I wrote common sense and instructions for QMDJ divination for everyone to understand. In order to improve the accuracy of QMDJ divination. If these pieces of information are incomplete, most QMDJ divination predictions will become meaningless talk, blah blah and have little practical research significance.

QMDJ’s common sense for divination:
1. The querent raised specific questions and events?
2. The querent to provide whether the person related to the divination is male or female? What year was born?
3. When the querent asked the question, what was the specific local time? (Or provide the QMDJ icon yourself) and the geographic location at the time?

Give a standard example:
1、Questions asked by the querent: My grandfather has Alzheimer’s disease and he has been missing for a day and night. I have called the police. I asked if I could still find him?
2、Information provided by the querent: My maternal grandfather was born in 1934.
3、The time and position of the querent: The time of my question is 18:29:37 on July 18, 2019, and the location is Wuxi, China.
Convert to QMDJ chart according to the specific time provided:
公元:2019年7月18日18时29分37秒 阴2局
小暑:2019/7/7 17:57:00 立秋:2019/8/8 4:03:00
干支:己亥年 辛未月 丙辰日 丁酉时
旬空:辰巳空 戌亥空 子丑空 辰巳空
直符:天任 直使:生门 旬首:甲午辛
旬空:辰巳空 戌亥空 子丑空 辰巳空
直符:天任 直使:生门 旬首:甲午辛
│壬 太阴○空│乙 螣蛇  │丁 直符  │
│  天心 癸│  天蓬 己│  天任 辛│
│地 开门 丙│玄 休门 庚│白丁生门 戊│
│癸 六合  │辛     │己 九天  │
│  天柱 壬│      │  天冲 乙│
│天 惊门 乙│     丁│六 伤门 壬│
│戊 白虎  │丙 玄武  │庚 九地 马│
│丁 禽芮 戊│  天英 庚│  天辅 丙│
│符 死门 辛│蛇 景门 己│阴 杜门 癸│
The palace representing the Commander(值符) and the Messenger (值使)is in the Kun(坤) Palace, which refers to the southwest. There appears Xin+Wu(辛+戊), this combination means that the final result can find the missing person. His grandfather was 86 years old and was born in 1934. The Ganzhi(干支) of the grandfather’s birth year was Jiaxu(甲戌). Jiaxu(甲戌) is converted into Ji(己), and Ji(己) falls in li(离) and Kan(坎) palaces. The two palaces have Tengshe(腾蛇) and Xuanwu(玄武), which means that his grandfather has a disease, which refers to dementia. The Kan(坎) palace is empty (the general rule is that when the palace is empty, it must wait until the time it represents, or the opposite time refers to the result of divination). Kan(坎) represents water, and the representatives of water are Hai(亥) and Zi(子). That is to say, during the time period between Hai(亥) and Zi(子), he will find his grandfather. Both Star(星) and Door(门) are Fanyin (反吟)(referring to the opposite), meaning that results will be obtained quickly. So the judgment time will not be long. After the conversion, it means that the grandfather will be found between 9 pm on July 18 and 1 am the next day.
Factual feedback:
At 9:30 in the evening, he found his grandfather in the police station 1.5 kilometers away from the southwest of his house. His grandfather was sent to the police station by kind people, and the police informed him.

For example:
I asked questions in New York City. (New York Daylight Saving Time) At that time I asked the question of the time is New York local time on June 30, 2017, 1:29:29. My question is: I want to travel with a friend 20 days, the question is whether our journey is safe and smooth?
We are starting from New York, where we are going to be America’s San Francisco and the surrounding area. I was born in Jun 1971, male. I was in New York for divination. My friend was born in May 1998, male.
Use the computer in accordance with the time into Qi Men Dun Jia pattern:
公元:2017年6月30日1时29分29秒 阴3局 夏令时
芒种:2017/6/5 19:57:00 小暑:2017/7/7 6:21:00
干支:丁酉年 丙午月 戊子日 癸丑时
旬空:辰巳空 寅卯空 午未空 寅卯空
直符:天任 直使:生门 旬首:甲辰壬
│戊 六合  │壬 太阴  │庚 螣蛇  │
│  天柱 癸│  天心 丁│  天蓬 庚│
│地 杜门 乙│玄 景门 辛│白 死门 己│
│己 白虎○ │乙     │丁 直符  │
│丙 禽芮 己│      │  天任 壬│
│天 伤门 戊│     丙│六 惊门 癸│
│癸 玄武○ │辛 九地  │丙 九天 马│
│  天英 辛│  天辅 乙│  天冲 戊│
│符 生门 壬│蛇 休门 庚│阴 开门 丁│
Guichou (癸丑) Time represents the trip, it falls in the southeast direction of the xun(巽) palace. Wuzi(戊子) sunset in the northwest direction of the palace has a horse star on behalf of the questioner.
The relationship between the two is friendly to each other, indicating that the two people are traveling smoothly.
But Shangmen(伤门) above Baihu(白虎), indicating that the travel midway travel bus will be broken, broke down.
Factual feedback:
On August 31, the two men ended 20 days of travel, safe return. Just one night in the middle of the trip, travel the bus broke down, when the weather thunder rains, travel company to send another bus carrying passengers, delayed for 5 hours To the middle of the night at 2 o’clock.
The next day began to travel, the bus once again broke down. The driver sent the passengers to the hotel three times after the intermittent maintenance.
The third day the travel company sent a new bus to complete the trip.

Reasons for providing information related to QMDJ divination
1. The querent raised specific questions and events?
(If you are making an appointment to meet the QMDJ diviner, there is also a situation where you don’t need to say a specific question. The diviner predicts your question. Generally speaking, the querent asks him to know the exact answer. Will speak the question honestly. This will help the QMDJ diviner to get the correct answer quickly)

2. The querent provides information related to the divination.
Is the querent male or female? What year was born?
(For the same question, the method of divination is different for males and females. If the querent does not provide gender to the QMDJ diviner, some of the questions may not even be answered. Currently, for example, I am single, and I want to ask when will I get married? For this type of question, the QMDJ diviner needs to know to ask whether the querent is male or female. In this way, the QMDJ diviner can have a basis to make correct predictions.
If the question the querent is related to himself, he needs to provide the birth year. If it is not related to himself, he does not need to provide the birth year. In particular, if the querent was born between February 1 and 9, the querent must provide a birthday time. Because this time period is the boundary between the New Year and the old year, China calls it “Lichun”(立春). QMDJ’s divination is based on the “lichun”(立春) time of each year to determine the boundary between the new and old years. In this way, the “Ganzhi”(干支) of the year of birth is calculated. According to the “Ganzhi”(干支) born, QMDJ diviner can infer the state of luck of the inquirer every year. Combine with QMDJ chart to predictions. For example, I asked what happens to my job luck in the fall? Questions like this need to provide the birth year of the querent. If the question asked is whether it will rain next Saturday? For this type of problem, there is no need to provide the year of birth.)

3. When the querent asked the question, what was the specific local time? (Or provide the QMDJ icon yourself) and the geographic location at the time?
(If the inquirer has provided the QMDJ chart, then there was no need to provide the time at that time. Because in QMDJ divination prediction, a total of two time methods are used. One way is for the diviner to know the exact time when the querent asks a question? Another method is to ask the querent to decide a specific time at will. There is no limit to this time. Full screen asks the querent to decide his own momentary thoughts and wishes.
To know the geographical location, it is because the QMDJ diviner
needs to calculate the true time of the sun based on the latitude and longitude of the geographical location. For example, I asked in New York City. The longitude and latitude of New York City are 40°42’51.67″ north latitude and 74° 0 ‘21.50” west longitude. The time zone used by New York City is EST – Eastern Standard Time. This time is the legal time of the local government. But it is not the real time of the local sun. QMDJ divination uses the real time of the local sun. This requires the use of latitude and longitude To calculate.)

Based on this information, it is then converted into a Chinese QMDJ divination chart to make predictions.
This is a very interesting thing, I wish you all a pleasant discussion in our group and a lot of luck!

The QMDJ Groups: https://www.facebook.com/groups/QiMenDunJia